If you are in crisis and need help immediately please call 9-1-1 or visit your local emergency room. For more help resources you may visit our Find Help page.

#Report it.

The first step in stopping a cyberbullying is to report it. We know that reporting something can be scary, but that is why #NoBull is here! Call attention to the harassment.
Click here to see a list of places to report cyberbullying.

#Get an Adult.

Contact a trusted adult, let a parent, school administrator, technology director, teacher, friend, boss, or school resource officer know what is going on.

Don’t hesitate, report it.

#Find some help.

If you are the victim, or know the victim, it is vital that they get assistance, as we know how bullying can hurt. Please see your school’s counseling center for help!

#Contact the website.

Contact the website. Take screen shots (visit www.take-a-screenshot.org). Go to the bottom of the website and select “Contact” or “Report.”

You can find links on where to report bullying specific to websites here.

#Call the police.

The job of the police department is to help you! Call your local police department, or speak with your school resource officer. Make sure that you have copies of the link, and screen shots (visit www.take-a-screenshot.org).

#Check out these links.

Stop Cyberbullying.org
National Crime Prevention Council
Cyberbullying Research Center
Cyerbullying Report
Learn more about Cyberbulling from CallerSmart
BackgroundChecks.org Cyberbullying Resources
DrugRehab.com: Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why