The #NoBull Project uses a model of training students to combat bullying within their school. The program that provides students the tools and conversation starters to accomplish this in their school is called, the Student Leader Project (SLP). This program is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Gives students a forum to talk about the issues in their school;
  • Provides students with tools and tactics to talk about bullying in their school;
  • Gives students a space to start the process of creating a plan to combat bullying;
  • Allows students the opportunity to ask questions about bullying and combatting bullying.

The SLP is designed for a faculty-selected group of student leaders, and gives these already-leaders the opportunity to build anti-bullying programming in their school. An SLP usually lasts a full school day, and often consists of a return visit a month or two later. An SLP is usually 10-15 students, not much larger, sometimes smaller.

Does SLP sound like a good fit for your school? Please contact us, we can talk about how to implement SLP at your school.

The SLP is adapted from the Maine Unity Project. (C) Copyright Maine Unity Project.