VIDEO (MPBN) January 18, 2013: Cyberbullying in Schools and Maine. Read the story, watch the video here. 
STORY (MPBN) May 4, 2012 Main Students Take Online Aim at Cyber-Bullies. Read the story here. 
VIDEO (WCSH 6 – NBC) May 3, 2012: Students in Auburn take a stand against cyber bullies. Watch the video here. 
VIDEO/ARTICLE (SUN JOURNAL) April 27, 2012: Auburn students launch strategy to fight cyberbullies. Read the story, watch the video here. 
VIDEO (WGME 13 – CBS) May 1, 2012: Twitter Account in Spotlight in Lewiston/Auburn. Read story here. 
VIDEO (WGME 13 – CBS) May 3, 2012: No Bull Rally in Twin Cities. Read story here.

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