OnTheMoveThe #NoBull Project is on the move! As of this September the #NoBull Project team is going to be located in Orono, Maine!

We aren’t going to leave you hanging. Our programs will continue all across Maine even after we relocate to Orono. Many of our programs can initially be developed remotely, conducting meetings through Skype or Google Hangout and sharing ideas via email.

The #NoBull Project is always striving to ensure that our programs are able to reach as far as possible. We want to remind everyone that even though we will no longer be physically located in Auburn, we will continue to offer services state-wide!

After working in the Greater Lewiston-Auburn area for 3 years, we have developed some amazing Education Partners. So, even if our program staff in Orono is unable to help with your event, we can connect you up with one of our Education Partners in your region who can help you out!

If you have any questions regarding our move or programming in Maine, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to chat!

We’re On the Move!