Another school year is upon us. As with any new school or new school year we need to keep in mind that there is the potential for bullying within the school or online. While the number of online bullying incidents has grown dramatically, bullying still occurs on the busses, in classes, and in the hallways of your child’s school. But, what can a parent do? As a parent your responsibility is to look for the signs. These signs could come in so many different ways, below are some of the signs that something is wrong:

  • Withdrawn from home life or home conversation;
  • Uneasiness or unwilling to go to school;
  • Abnormally difficult to get motivated in the morning (this one might just be a teenager thing);
  • Unwilling to discuss school in any sense;
  • Concerns from teachers that sound out of the ordinary;
  • More or less any very abnormal behavior could be a manifestation of a bully or bullying incident.

It is important as a parent to not only identify these areas, but bring up these concerns to your student’s teacher, or principal. It’s always a good idea to identify a “safe” teacher or administrator at your student’s school that not only you or comfortable with, but also your child. This way you can ensure open lines of communication between school and home. It’s vital to ensure that you and your child have an understanding about bullying. It’s never okay to bully, and it’s always okay to talk about being bullied at home. Remember: your student’s school and faculty are there to help your child through the educational process, as well as through the personal development process. Have a safe and happy school year.

School is starting…again…