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The #NoBull Project is comprised of a completely volunteer staff. Our senior staff operates and supervises all of the programs that are operating within schools. Each school has it’s own #NoBull Project staff, usually comprised of students and faculty members working to create change in their schools and communities. Below is our senior staff that works to develop and manage the #NoBull Project.

Samuel Chamberlain, Executive Director / Co-Founder


Sam is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the #NoBull Project. Sam is a 2012 graduate of Edward Little High School and currently resides in Orono, Maine while attending the University of Maine, majoring in Social Work. Sam has experience working with many political and community engagement organizations helping create change in the communities he works in. In addition to community action and change, Sam has experience as an educator working with 4-H/University of Maine Cooperative Extension program as well as in schools and after-school centers.

Recently, Sam has started working with youth involved in the Juvenile Justice System acting as a peer mentor, and support system for youth. Sam has also started working in the Greater Bangor Area conducting Restorative Justice Circles in an effort to help divert youth from entering the justice system, while still addressing harm that may have been done.

As the Executive Director, Sam is responsible for many facets of the #NoBull Project. Sam is responsible for the day-to-day operation and development of the #NoBull Project. Sam is also responsible for designing and implementing programs in schools. The Executive Director works with school and community officials to help introduce and design sustainable anti-bullying programs in schools, workplaces and communities.

Lucas Farrago, Co-Founder/Consultant


Luke is the Co-Founder of the #NoBull Project. Luke is a 2012 graduate of Edward Little High School and currently resides in Virginia while attending James Madison University, majoring in Business. In addition to Co-Founding the #NoBull Project, Luke also Co-Founded a business with a college friend, designing and printing custom flags for dorm room decoration.

Luke continues to work with the #NoBull Project in a consultant capacity. Luke helps to ensure that the #NoBull Project is keeping to it’s original mission and is continues to work towards supporting schools and communities across Maine.

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