The #NoBull Project's official logo with usage of the hashtag.
The #NoBull Project’s official logo with usage of the hashtag.

What is a “hashtag”? The symbol: #

A hashtag, sometimes called a pound sign, is a social media sign often used on sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The hashtag is often preceded by a word or phrase relating to a specific topic. Often times hashtag links to a group of messages allowing people to interact with each other a specific topic.

How is the hashtag relative to the #NoBull Project?

The focus on the #NoBull Project is the use of our hashtag (#), in the majority of our communications we refer to the #NoBull Project using the hashtag as a way to encourage engagement of social media users. The #NoBull Project began as a solely social media based organization. While social media is still a major part of our organization, we engage youth through other means.

The hashtag is mainly a marketing and graphic representation of our social media roots. However, the hashtag is so much more. The hashtag allows us to start and encourage conversations regarding bullying in our community.

How can I use the hashtag to start a conversation?

Conversations are easy to start with the hashtag. The hashtag links the conversation across users and groups of people. When starting a conversation you’ll want to start the hashtag (i.e. #NoBull) and get your friends involved with the conversation. You’ll want all of your friends and followers to create messages and posts using the hashtag you created.

Are you looking for help starting a conversation or have questions about the hashtag? Please feel free to contact us.